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though many experts here will tell you they just don't believe that kim has that kind of capability. now, despite all that, life seems to be going on as usual as normally here in seoul. but it apparently masks, we're told, anxiety shared by many south koreans that in such a tense atmosphere, even a very minor incident might trigger a conflict. that seems to be the main fear now, that a miscalculation could lead to that dreaded war, or maybe it won't lead to that war. south koreans do send to see kim jong-un as the boy who cried wolf. they've lived through these kind of belligerent threats before like during the war games only to see the rhetoric eventually dialed back. still, this is korea, and there's always a chance that this time could be very different. richard? >> nbc's jim maceda in seoul,
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thank you so much. now to one of the most gruesome injuries ever seen on live television. players, coaches and fans in attendance were visibly shaken when kevin ware's right leg snapped in two places during the ncaa tournament game against duke. ware fought the pain to tell his teammates to get the victory, and his coach says that was how they overcame the trauma. >> it was very difficult to watch. all he kept saying was "win the game." >> theismann tweeted his best wishes to ware. louisville beat duke to advance to the final four. ware shared this picture of his recovery via twit he after a successful two-hour surgery complete with his louisville final four trophy right under his arm. immigration reform, do they have a deal or not? democrats and republicans say there is a deal. some predicting legislation could be written as early as this week.
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but at least one republican says not so fast. nbc's tracie potts is in very foggy washington, d.c., right behind her there. good morning to you, tracie. >> reporter: richard, good morning. believe it or not, the capitol is back there. i saw it a few minutes ago. as you said, the fog has settled over d.c. take a look also where we think the monument still is, we can assure you it's still there, but the capitol is here. and inside the capitol, they are going to be talking about immigration reform this week. it looks like one of the major sticking points which is a guest worker program so that people who are here illegally, but they've been working for years may be able to stay. business leaders and union leaders have come to an agreement on how to work that out. some republicans and one you mentioned, marco rubio, who's in that gang of eight that's been trying to come up with a deal here, says not so fast. it's not a done deal. we don't want this done in a rushed way or in a secret way. we still need to have hearings to make sure that the other 92 senators who haven't been
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involved in this have a say. so bottom line, richard, it looks like we are moving toward that deadline of next monday of having some legislation ready to discuss. whether they'll be ready to vote on it any time quickly after that, we still don't know. a lot of discussion to be had. >> all right. tracie potts, thank you so much. it is foggy there. very symbolic on what's happening on immigration reform so far. appreciate it. officials say four people were injure after a driver crashed into a california walmart and began beating shoppers. police say the man plowed through the front of the store late sunday morning. grabbed something in the store, started hitting people. one shopper suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital while three others were treated nearby. it's not known what prompted this attack, but a san jose police officer described the man as uncooperative. the driver's identity has not yet been released. a massive pileup in virginia left three dead and dozens injured yesterday. police saying that fog caused this initial crash which quickly grew into a nearly 100-car mess,
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littering i-77. there were 17 separate collisions that created a domino effect of wrecked cars and 18-wheelers. around a dozen vehicles swerved onto a nearby truck ramp to avoid the growing pileup. one driver described the scene as something out of a movie and said the truck ramp saved his life. all north and southbound lanes have since been reopened. yeah, bill karins, when we have weather like that, we have these stories that you can't see what's happening. you've got 100 cars. >> probably high rates of speed and they didn't know the fog was coming. then when they saw it, got into it, it was ugly. like a movie, bad movie. bet me show you your national forecast across the country. cold air dominating the map in the northern plains. on the west coast, we're just talking about some rain showers. and they continue to spin in and out. they are very light. notice snow showers still at the highest peaks there in north central california. for the most part just dealing with sprinkles this morning. one little shower trying to approach i-80. sacramento and san francisco, hit and miss showers and storms, not looking at anything too bad.
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the one only area of steady rain that's been moving in the reverse direction, heading east and going west is bringing in rain there to medford. and it doesn't look like eugene, salem or portland, you have too much to worry about, just a slight chance of showers. upper level low still spinning off the coast. that's why we're keeping with this murky weather pattern. at most a tenth to a quarter of an inch. not much here in northern california and southern oregon. there's the chance of showers and the rain this morning in medford, but furthest to the north, you're dry. and also to the south, you're dry, too. that's a look at your n this one little pesky storm will slowly move out this week and should have a decent forecast thursday. >> pesky it is. live to cnbc for an outlook on your 401(k) stock portfolio.
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nelson mandela, how he's doing today. and massive flooding washes cars away as baseball fans everywhere rejoice. opening day is here.
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welcome back to "early today." nelson mandela spent easter in a hospital. doctors saying the 94-year-old former president responding well to treatment for pneumonia. a trooper's helicopter went down last night in alaska killing three people. it rescued a stranded snowmobiler on a nighttime mission but never made it back. for the first time a woman is a reported leading contender to lead the fbi. lisa monaco currently is president obama's counterterrorism adviser. "the washington post" says she's next in line after robert mueller steps down after 12 years on the job. new york cardinal timothy dolan says the catholic church should be more welcoming to gay people. he tells abc the catholic church loves gays and lesbians despite its opposition to same-sex marriage.
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>> we've got to do better to see that our defense of marriage is not reduced to an attack on gay people. and i admit, we haven't been too good at that. on the resort island nation of mauritius off the southeast coast of africa, massive flooding has killed at least ten. many of the victims were swept away by fast-rising waters. look at that. more than six inches of rain fell in less than one hour and more is expected. and a purse snatcher in australia runs head first into a glass window, and it's all caught on tape. the man allegedly stole a purse from a 50-year-old woman at a mall in perth. security cameras show the culprit running and crashing into the glass, knocking him flat on the ground. bystanders were initially unaware of the robbery and tried to help the man before an accomplice stepped up and threatened them to let him go. the alleged thief and accomplice got away in a stolen car. to the world of wall street. jackie deangelis joins us with this monday morning's business headlines. jackie, good morning. >> good morning, richard. the markets looking to continue
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their winning ways as we kick off the second quarter today. the dow coming off its best first quarter since 1998. remember, since 1950, april has been the best month of the year for the dow. meantime, investors get data on manufacturing and construction spending. later this week look for numbers on auto sales and the jobs report on friday. we're also keeping close watch on cyprus after banks reopened last week following the country's financial bailout. treasury secretary jack lew is headed to europe next week to discuss that situation. richard, back to you. >> all right, thank you, jackie. also overnight, a major setback for drug company novartis. india's highest court denied a patent petition for a cancer drug. this will surely impact the stock today. this morning exxon mobil continues to clean up thousands of barrels of heavy crude oil that's been leaking in the town of mayflower, arkansas. the pipeline carries 90,000 barrels from illinois to texas every day. it was shut down on friday, and its residents from 22 homes were evacuated. check out this vintage sergeant pepper's album color autographed by john, paul,
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george and ringo. it was sold at auction for a record $290,500. it's believed the fab four signed the album in june of 1967. employers beware. better expect more than a few people calling out sick today. it's not an april fools' joke, but little opening day for baseball armed the country. plus, bottoms up. a professional golfer drops his drawers on the green.
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other stories that caught our eye this morning. the powerball winner is spreading the world. the $338 million winner has agreed to pay the rent for everyone living on his block. >> it's pretty cool that he said that he would do something like that, you know? >> good gesture is expected to last one or two months. in massachusetts, an easter egg hunt like no other. the perkins school for the blind scattered hundreds of eggs that give out a beep for its third annual spring egg hunt. a california easter bunny found himself in hot water for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. the rabbit was visibly upset, but the highway patrol officer let him off with a warning and lecture before letting him hop off to a charity event. two baby lemurs clung to their mother's fur as visitors lined up to see the adorable primates for the first time. the pair of newborns came a week apart. one march 20th, the other days
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ago. kevin ware injury, the louisville guard had two successes of surgery on his broken right leg as doctors snerlted a steel rod. the cardinals won over duke to advance. and four seed michigan rolled over three seed florida, 79-59, to move on. the wolverines are headed back to the final four for the first time in 20 years. looking at the brackets, louisville will face wichita state at the georgia dome next saturday while michigan takes on syracuse in the other national semifinal. the winners will advance to the championship game april 8th. now to the women's move toward the final four. number five seed louisville pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the women's ncaa tournament, defeating britney griner and top seed baylor, 82-81. and in the nba now, new york's raymond felton hit a 49-foot-long buzzer beater at the end of the first half against boston. felton celebrated and the knicks went on their eighth straight win.
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major league baseball opened its season with houston in its first season in the american league getting some big hits including rick ankiel's three-run homer. the astros beat the rangers, 8-2. major leaguers are getting new bats this season as well with a new logo for louisville sluggers. and a new design with a harder-hitting maple wood. at the houston open, d.a. points makes the par putt on 18 to avoid a playoff and gets the one-stroke victory. and an invitation to the masters. in the european challenge tournament in morocco, the danish golfer made a chip shot from a water hazard for which he had taken off, yes, his pants, socks and shoes to do. that's style points, i guess. and usain bolt, the world's fastest man, won an exhibition race on the beach in rio dejanne dejannero, the host city of the next olympics. after the race, bolt even showed off some of his dance moves. "early today sports" is brought to you by new just for men autostop. gray is over.
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just ahead, what's leading the news today. plus "g.i. joe" takes america by storm. and one of the greatest music producers of all time has died.
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welcome back. we are watching a little light rain this morning in southern oregon. it should dry up during the day. temperatures are pretty mild in the west. 68 in l.a. with on-shore flow. coastal areas probably dealing with morning clouds and temperatures a little cooler. further inland plenty warm.
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even tomorrow should be about 80 in vegas, 85 in phoenix. the perfect time of year. they enjoy april especially. chance of showers in seattle tomorrow. the next storm type that will bring widespread rain looks to be thursday. this is the san francisco area. again, that's not too heavy. we need the moisture in the west. we really didn't get the snow pack we needed this winter especially in the see rare iers. "g.i. joe" starring the rock and channing tatum took first over easter weekend with $41 million. "the croods" pulled in $26 million while tyler perry's "temptation" with $22 million. "glee" star corey monty has voluntarily checked himself into rehab. he's been open about his drug abuse in the past while girlfriend leah michelle is reportedly supportive of his decision. music producer phil ramone
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has died at 79. he's a legend in the business who has worked with giants including billy joel, paul simon, barbra streisand, fring sinatra and ray charles. finally, justin bieber's brand-new pet monkey, yes, he's got a monkey now. why not a goldfish? it was kwaurn tquarantined at at because of insufficient papers. don't worry, he's doing okay. >> is biebs doing okay? he's the one i'm worried about. >> some reports saying the name is mali. it gets more and more interesting with justin bieber. >> he's bored. that's all i can say. this comes to us from kxas in dallas ft. worth where one couple overycame their darkest ever. one of the nation's full transplant patients was married in the same spot where he wasser is veerly injured in 2008. weems met jamie nash after her own nearly fatal crash in 2010. the couple say they plan to put
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their painful past behind them. >> so much in common. they can relate to each other. >> love it. i'm richard lui. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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leading the news in "the l.a. times," charged egyptian satirist remains irreverent.
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and in "the wall street journal," towns see banks cut back branches after years of growth, financial institutions closing thousands of outposts as more customers start to embrace online and mobile banking. time for an early look as some of the stories we'll be following throughout the day here on nbc. prosecutors expected to announce their decision on whether to seek the death penalty for james holmes, the man accused in last year's colorado movie theater massacre. nbc's leeanne gregg is live for us in centennial, colorado, this morning. good morning to you, leeanne. >> reporter: good morning, richard. extremely unlikely prosecutors say are the chances they'll accept the plea deal, fueling speculation with a death penalty prosecution. holmes would plead guilty and spend the rest of his life in jail, avoiding execution. prosecutors say they haven't been provided key details that they'd need to consider a plea. they've been talking with victims about their thoughts on pursuing execution. reactions have been mixed. if prosecutors seek the death
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penalty, holmes' lawyers may launch an insanity defense. that requires mental evaluations and would likely push back the trial now set to begin august 5th. that hearing will get under way a few hours from now. richard? >> live in centennial, leeanne gregg, thank you. and back east, spring has sprung at the white house. and we know what that means. about 30,000 people are expected to attend the 13th annual white house easter egg roll this morning. the first family will participate in all the activities including storytime and rolling the eggs across the white house lawn. always fun. we want to wish a very happy birthday to msnbc's rachel maddow who turns 40 today. happy birthday to you, rachel. a texas manhunt under way for the murder of a texas d.a. and his wife. just months after a prosecutor was gunned down in the same county. and a "today" exclusive jessica lynch opens up about what life is like ten years after her dramatic rescue. keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill
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karins. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good start to the week.
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. . . a car slams into a south bay big box store injuring multiple people. we'll have the latest on this conditions.
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plus, what we're now learning about the man involved coming up. a bus fire on interstate 80 quickly spread threatening a nearby apartment complex why people will be digging a little deeper into their pockets today across the bay area. >> a live look over a foggy san francisco. probably because there is a little bit of rain out there hitting parts of the bay area as we speak. we will get your forecast from meteorologist, anthony slaughter. it is monday, april 1st. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. it is 4:30 on the nose. i want to straighten you out. christina loren doing weather. anthony is doing traffic. i just got my mind straightened out. >> welcome back. >> thank you. i'm marla tallez in for laura garcia cannon. april fool's starts with some
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wet weather. meteorologist, christina loren, are you there? i am. we welcome back jon kelley. we sure missed you. want to start the live radar. we have quite a bit of shower activity in the south end of the bay area. let's take a zoom in and show you who is getting hit the hardest. that would be the santa cruz mountains heading over 17. down right treacherous. you want to give yourself extra time and take it easy. areas of thunderstorms that are still producing that dime-size hail. yesterday, severe thunderstorms brought quarter-size hail. we will talk about who got the most, who is going to get the most today and when we finally get a break. let's check the drive with anthony slau anthony slaughter. mike has the week off. we give him a long vacation. we are showing you 880. we aren't seeing any troubled

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